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Math and physics tutoring in Woodmere, NY

Math and physics Tutor in Woodmere, NY

Here at STEM Education Academy, our goal is to provide premium tutoring services on math physics, or other related subjects to science and technology. As the number one tutoring solution here at Woodmere, NY, STEM Education Academy, our tutoring and mentoring services are flexible.

From working remotely or in-person sessions to offering services in math physics, SAT, Act, Engineering courses, STEM Education Academy will take care of any tutoring need.

our tutoring service covers, all the middle school and high school subjects in Woodmere, NY. if you are a college student, you will also be able to observe her significant amount of benefit from our tutoring and mentoring service.

What to expect from our math physics tutor?

  1. Our math physics tutor will first check the base of knowledge of the student.
  2. Explanation of various complicated subjects by diagrams and videos.
  3. Regular homework and assigned work to practice the subject and look at where to develop.
  4. Evaluation tests on the development and help solving past question papers.

In addition to all the above-mentioned traits, your tutor from STEM education Academy will also help the student out on various matters. For example, your tutor will be able to clear the concept that you have missed in the previous classes and help you get prepared for future classes as well.

The math physics tutor will also help you understand the overall course material so you can feel much more comfortable joining any sort of class discussions.

you will also get help and suggestions on how to take quick class notes and make the best preparation for any sort of quiz or test.

What are the rates of your math physic tutor in Woodmere, NY?

The rate of the tutoring and mentoring service can vary depending on various complex factors. some of the crucial factors that the mentoring rates depend on are,

  1. level of course
  2. student grade level
  3. remote/ in person.

The average hourly rate of a typical remote group session can start from somewhere around 20 U.S. dollars. and hourly rate of an in-person college-level course on its complex subject can go up to 140 he was dollars.

Here at STEM location Academy, will you provide various discounts on mentoring and tutoring packages? For instance, you will get a 10% discount if you purchase the ten-session tutoring package.

Find out more about your rate, fill the form here.

Our professionals with years of experience will get back to you within 24 hours we turn obligation-free quote.

The great news is that all the packages are refundable. but in the case of the refund the station you have already used and the discount will be deducted.

Additional services we provide in Woodmere NY

Our tutoring services offer so much more than physics and math tutoring. we offer expert engineering classes that may include courses on electronics, programming, robotics, etc.

So wait for no further and contact us today to get started.