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Great Neck

Math and Physics Tutor in Great Neck

If you’re on the lookout for the best tutoring services in math physics and any other subjects related to science and technology, then STEM education Academy is here to the rescue. Based in great neck, New York, STEM education Academy is there to provide both in-person and remote tutoring facilities via zoom or Google meet.

Who is STEM education academy for?

if you’re someone who is struggling with the special needs of the studies in middle school, high school, or even college in great neck, NY then STEM integration Academy is for you. our goal is to provide tutoring and mentoring services, that the students of any discipline can benefit from.

Our tutoring services are vast and include support for all the courses. so, whether you’re looking for math and physics tutoring help, on need guidance on your SAT, STEM irrigation Academy is all you need.

How is a mentor different than a math or physics tutor?

Having a math or physics tutor will greatly enhance the capability of a few in these subjects. it will also provide you a bridge of knowledge that will help you close the gap you’re suffering from missing few Classes. but mentoring is a far complex and long process.

Our mentoring service includes:

  1. Knowledge evaluation session
  2. The practice of a new learning routine for enhancing the process
  3. Not only filling the gaps of the previous classes that you have missed but also preparing for the classes that are coming ahead.
  4. Face-to-face monitoring progress shared with the class teacher for better yield (With parent’s approval)
  5. Enhancing the skills required to do good in any exams.

Our goal is to create a strong base in science and technology subjects that will not only help you on the academic level but also prove to be here strong backups when it comes to participating in any kind of science project or extracurricular activities.

Rates of math, physics, or other science subjects in Great Neck, NY

There is no flat rate that works for all the tutoring and mentoring services in great neck, New York. as tutoring is a very specific process, it directly depends on various factors including location, level of the course, grade, deadline of completion, etc.

On average, the hourly rate offers remote online sessions can start off at somewhere around 20 to 30 USD. On the other hand, the hourly rate office complex course for a college-level student in their home can go up to 140 USD.

STEM education Academy is here to provide various discounts on many versatile tutoring and mentoring package.

To find out the latest rate for your specific need, best fill the form here at and you will get an obligation-free quote within 24 hours.

All the packages are renewable, refundable (Without the discount)

Our Tutoring and mentoring service also includes engineering-level courses on elections, Microcontroller, robotics, communication, and so on. We are here to cater to any of your tutoring needs. So, contact us today to get started.