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Math and Physics Tutoring in Roslyn, NY

STEM Education Academy offers a service of tutoring math physics and other science and technology courses in Roslyn, NY; Either in person at the students home or remote online sessions using Zoom or Google meet media.

Who can benefit the Math, Physics, Science and Engineering tutoring services?

Whether you or your child are in middle school, high school or home school in Roslyn, as well college students, you can benefit from our tutoring and mentoring services. We offer ongoing support in all level courses including, but not limited to Regents, Math and Physics Honors, AP Courses, SAT (including SAT subject tests), and ACT.

What is the difference between A “Math Tutor” or a “Physics Tutor” and a mentor.

While math tutoring / physics can close a gap of knowledge due to loss of a class or two, or provide enhancement before a coming exam, the mentoring is a longer process that includes:

  • Knowledge assessment session
  • Enhancement of learning skills
  • Monitoring progress and communication with the class teacher (with parents’ approval)
  • Exhausting free tutoring services in Roslyn, and other self-learning resources before paying a math, physics or any other subject’s tutor.
  • Preparing for class ahead.
  • Exam taking techniques.

In science and technology classes, or extracurricular activities the tutoring will include advising and accompanying the student in a science project or competition.

What are the rates of your math, physics, or other subjects tutoring and mentoring services in Roslyn?

The tutoring and mentoring rates vary and depend on factors such as the level of the course, grade level, location (student’s home or Online), they might start at an hourly rate of $20 for a remote group session and may go up to an hourly rate of $140 for a college level course in the students’ home. Several discounts are available on a tutoring / mentoring package (For example a 10% discount is available for purchasing ten sessions tutoring or mentoring package)

To get the rate for your need please fill the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Are packages refundable?

Yes! All packages are refundable; however, the used sessions and the discount will be deducted.
For example (all prices are done to emphasize the refund rate) assuming you purchase a 10 sessions of $100 package and paid $900 (including 10% discount), after 4 sessions you decided to discontinue and receive a refund, you will be refunded $500 (As if you paid 4x$100 for a regular session)

What other services do you provide in Roslyn besides math and physics tutoring?

We have engineering classes including Electronics, Robotics and coding courses for middle and high school level as well as preparation courses for middle and high school students (For example, if your child is supposed to take Algebra II – Trigonometry class next year, we will have a prep course over the summer, this course focuses on the main topics of this course and provide the fundamentals for this course, which will make the actual course in school smoother and easier.