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ABOUT STEM Education Academy


STEM Education Academy offers an elite, one-on-one performance-centric program that gets results. We analyze and target your most productive learning style, create a program that plays to your strengths and help you retain your new skills longer by teaching you how to connect to the material in meaningful ways.

Rony Yarden

STEM Education Academy will customize a unique academic tutoring program for the student, based on the students learning style and needs by experienced, professional licensed educators that will challenge the student not only to close the gap but also to excel the material by preparing the students for the coming class topics.

Learning Through Doing

STEM Education Academy technology and engineering courses for middle and high school students are based inquiry, design and hands on construction with the best and safest tools and kits, which make the learning experience exciting and fun.

Better Instructors

STEM Education Academy only uses real, licensed and experienced professional educators as instructors. No students, no global telecommuters, no executives, lawyers, engineers or other professionals looking for work in-between jobs, just real teachers, with real teaching experience and real teaching skills. High school and college students with proper credential and merits might work as course practice assistants but only under the supervision of a certified teacher.

Better Results

Results for now and results for life! STEM Education Academy students not only score higher, but retain their new knowledge and test taking skills longer to be better prepared for success with their college level coursework.